The Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan 3-pack includes: 1 Avaris Loose Leaf Herbal Tea + 1 Aurora Loose Leaf Greek Mountain Tea + 1 Shaman Loose Leaf Spicy Chai. These Greek mountain teas add a new dimension of flavor and aroma to traditional blends.


Our Aurora blend combines an array of beneficial herbs and dried citrus fruits into an energizing infusion. Not only is it aromatic, but it’s also a flavorful way to offer yourself a wellness boost right from the early hours!


Avaris was a powerful healer and priest of God Apollo, who traveled the world on a golden arrow! We knew this was the perfect name for this unique, healing blend of beneficial herbs and spices. It’s a flavorful way to offer yourself a wellness boost any time in the day.


The Shaman Tea was the very first handmade product from the Sparoza team, who were inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition and Indian Chai Masala to create this strong and exciting flavor.


  • All products are handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients & whole flowers and leaves
  • Absolutely no preservatives, artificial flavors, colorants, or chemicals
  • Herbs, spices, and fruits are sourced with strict guidelines for highest quality


Help support Efi Ekmetzoglou, the founder of Sparoza, and his incredible small business by buying his products here!

Sparoza Handcrafted Tea Tin Set

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