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September 18, 2021

Los Angeles, California USA

Starting time: 10:00am

Approx. 5 miles thru downtown LA Full nudity is encouraged!

We are a community-based non profit organization focused on making Los Angeles safer for bicyclists, promoting a cleaner environment, and educating the public about positive body awareness by LEGALLY riding nude.

With the help of our tireless staff, we organize our annual event, so that anyone who wishes to join the ride and let Los Angeles know that nude is not lewd, bicycles and human powered transportation is healthy, good for the environment, and can be an exciting community event for persons of all ages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, without the social stigmas that clothing causes. As well as promoting the need for more safety awareness.


Its your constitutional right but: just obey the law.

Nude is NOT lewd. However, SEXUAL AND/OR LEWD CONDUCT IN PUBLIC IS ILLEGAL, and will not be tolerated at the World Naked Bike Ride. The ride is in a public place, and the rules for good behavior are the same as for any other public place.


Regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, body structure or any other reason you can think of, there is one thing that every human has in common; our bodies at birth were naked, and being nude is completely natural. We have been taught through years of prejudice that our bodies are shameful. It is time we recognize this simple fact and move beyond the prejudices and fears that destroy our society. We also need to accept that our bodies are not sexual objects or gross, disgusting or nasty and should not be treated as such or be used as an excuse to hate another person.

Many people are actually more comfortable nude than with clothing on but are restricted by laws and ordinances, peer pressures or discrimination and the more we ride nude, hopefully it will open peoples minds to the non sexual part of the human body so we can grow as a society to accept the right for everyone to be comfortable in their daily life.

​we live in a "Christian based" society many of our laws are based on biblical theory, however we fail to realize that in biblical days clothing was utilized as a means to protect against weather conditions and to identify social status. Religious prejudice, however, has distorted the concept of clothing and developed a false teaching that nudity in itself is sinful or not condoned by God and therefore brought a way for governments and religious industry to control the way we think.

When in actuality, there are many places in the Bible where it states that a person can be nude all the time and still not commit any sin. Sin is in the heart and mind...NOT the body itself. The textile industry was developed and now profits from sexuality by convincing us that nudity is bad and clothing is needed. They use the pretense that nudity is sexual, but PROFIT by designing clothing that encourages sexual behavior and predjudice on the way someone looks.

We now hypersexualize the human body and place judgement on others based on their clothing. While all this prejudice is going on, there is an obvious fact about nudity: Generally if nude, there is no way to differentiate social status, job titles, or economic status. Poor look like rich, doctors, lawyers, students, teachers, mechanics, stay at home moms, stay at home dads, whatever your look pretty much just like everyone else, notwithstanding age, color, body structure and even with those differences, every body is natural and overcoming judgement is much easier when there are fewer factors.

Riding your bike, using skateboards, scooters, roller blades, skates, and other human powered forms of transportation is not only good for your environment, but also great exercise for good health, family rides are great ways to encourage family exercise and recreation.

The main issue in most cities is the safety concern with sharing the road with cars and trucks.

WE RIDE TO: bring attention to this form of transportation so that people with automobiles learn to notice and recognize humans using natural human power as recreation or commuting transportation.

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