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The Best Hidden Secret in Arizona


People who have actually been to El Dorado Hot Springs will tell you very clearly, "Don't be swayed by the looks of the place. It is "very rustic" looking. It has a relaxed "hippie style" aura about it, which Goodies loves (as you know!). The people are so friendly and the space is so comfortable you almost forget that you're naked! Sure, some of the furniture has seen much better days, but it has an authentic relaxing atmosphere about it. It looks unassuming when you arrive. It's not "paved over" or unduly "improved"; that's just part of the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and charm of El Dorado.

Many people stop there and say "HELL NO!" and don't enter. Too bad for them. While smart naturists stop there and say "HELL YES!" They enter and rejoice in that great decision. Simple as that. Here is an often heard comment: "We almost turned around upon first entering but we were glad we didn't."

Society tends to be like that. If it's not spit-shined with 1-2-3 step-by-step instructions, hand-holding guides, and expensive, it's somehow no good. People also tend to be kinda stupid. Bottom line: If you're looking for a place where you can be naked in public and soak in hot springs then this is the place. If you are a first-timer... this is one of the best places to start your journey into naturism. Best of all? The people aren't judgmental here. You can take off your clothes, have conversations with people while nude and go home refreshed and relaxed.

We speculate that there might be lithium properties in the natural spring; we always leave feeling calm, content, rested, and relaxed. Our attitude improves, we have greater flexibility with stressful situations, and we are genuinely joyful.

One important El Dorado fact to understand: There is no "clothing optional" public area. There are either private places that are reserved or a nude-only hot springs area, and there are several options for the whole family to be nude. If you are looking for one large and open hot spring, El Dorado may not be your cup of tea. There are individual tubs... some are large and some are small. The water is a perfect temperature and the high walls around the private tub mean whatever happens in the private tub areas is between you and god.

All this, and it's clean. The water runs through the tubs constantly, you are not sitting in someone else's used water. The water is used once, then it drains away in channels to keep the Bamboo plants lush. The Tubs are emptied, scrubbed, and sanitized everyday.

A fun fact: The El Dorado website sucks and is almost impossible to navigate! Why is this a "fun" fact? Well, it deters A LOT of people from following through with their "plan" to actually go there. Why is that good, you ask? First, and most importantly to us, it limits the amount of people that swarm the place, so there is always a calm, relaxing vibe.

Our opinion is simple: The type of people that need a slick and nifty website to guide them to the hot springs, probably don't need to go. Seriously. Look at it as a mini adventure! The folks at El Dorado don't really care about their website being state-of-the-art. The place isn't state-of-the-art! Secret hint: Call them on the phone and make your reservation. The cost is $30 for the day in the nude-only section or you can pay $15 an hour.

If you are planning to stay overnight (great decision), we recommend staying in Desert Pete's bunkhouse. The bed is ridiculously comfortable and clean, and while the room is small, it has a bathroom, shower, and mini fridge. Basically, everything you need for nude relaxation! The camping sites are also a great option if you plan on coming in an RV, camper van, or even a tent.

The entire site is very quiet at night which is nice. So just let yourself enjoy the nature, the beautiful on-site family of birds: peacocks, guinea hens and black mallard ducks, (even two pigs). Even with a Mexican restaurant about 1/4 mile down the road, we do suggest bringing food with you. Other than the hot springs you won't find much else in the area.

The mood and look of El Dorado Hot Springs conjures up a place of a time gone by. It has the quirky, peaceful ambiance of a communal retreat. You can enjoy a walk in the spacious desert and feed the ducks in the nice pond out back. The desert view is unobstructed and beautiful. The crystal clear water is perfect and within minutes you will be immersed in peaceful relaxation. The water will leave your skin soft and your spirits rejuvenated.

If you can leave the city behind, you might just fall in love with El Dorado Hot Springs!

We can’t wait to go back!

They are only open until 9pm. EVERYDAY. Just keep in mind you must be there by 8pm.

Write to us and tell us about your own experience at El Dorado Hot Springs!

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