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Thank you for an amazing 2022!

The entire Goodies team is grateful to you... the Goodies reader! You invest a premium amount of money to buy "just a magazine", and we constantly strive to deliver to you a premium product that hopefully never fails to satisfy.

Without you, we would be unable to publish Goodies and place so many beautiful, delicious, sexy, cute, and erotic all-natural models into your hands!

With all of the continued challenges and adversity, we still released Issue 10 and Issue 11 in 2022.

** Issue 10 includes: 232 pages; 12 models; and 11 covers

** Issue 11 includes: 188 pages; 11 models; and 10 covers

That's 420 pages... 23 models... and 21 different covers!!!

(FYI: Both issues are still available)

We could go on endlessly about the appreciation we have and how honored we are that you purchase Goodies, but we'll just say again: THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

See you in February 2023 with Issue 12...

Buy your copy here and reach inside to discover the Goodies that await you!

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