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Tantra Festival Mexico

10-14 November 2019 - Riviera Maya, Mexico

Tantra Festival Mexico 2019, the first one in Latin America! We are honored to open the energy and hold the space to explore deeply your self and sexuality. From the 10th to the 14th of November 2019 join us in our first edition and let's co-create this magical celebration of love in this Sacred Land of ancient traditions and knowledge. Our venue is located on the exotic jungle amidst the mayan riviera, it's a buddhist resort, one unique jewel of awe-inspiring architecture and conscious celebration. The perfect balance with nature makes this space a healthy detox zone, that was created to dive deep into your inner bliss and celebrate life. How perfect is that!

It is time to understand that in order to find wholeness in ourselves we must work together not against each other! Female and male are but two expressions of the same essence, any system that oppresses one or the other incites violence… And we believe in love. To achieve a state of bliss in total union with ourselves and our surroundings we must embrace every expression of life, be it feminine or masculine. We must embrace ourselves. 

For more information: https://www.serpentrouge.org/tantrafestivalmexico

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