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Tantra Essence Festival Corfu Greece

16 - 22 June 2019 - Corfu, Greece

Tantra is the finest wine, the most sublime elixir, transforming us into divine drunkards who are high on life. In Tantra, we are invited to experience the fullest potential of all that we are through methods of meditation, ritual, devotion, love, pleasure and celebration. The recipe is very simple; through weaving together meditation and love, we access our own inner pharmacy of feel good hormones. We create a milieu within and without, whereby our own innate wisdom begins functioning for the highest good of ourselves and the entire planetary consciousness.

Five Elements of Bliss. The old idea of holidays near the beach, where we bake in the sun and read a trashy book followed by drunken nights out, is out of date. Discerning people all over the world are now taking Personal Development Holidays, where you combine the beauty of nature with an inner journey.

For more information: https://tantraessencefestival.com/

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