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15 March - 7 April in Munich, Germany

Missed Oktoberfest? No worries, you can still make it to Munich’s other, lesser-known but equally sudsy celebration.

Starkbierfest, or “Strong Beer Fest”, hearkens back centuries to when Paulaner monks brewed heady Doppelbock beer – full of proteins, starches and minerals, and with an alcohol content above 7% – during Lent to help them make it through weeks of arduous fasting. Today, that very beer is still made at the Paulaner brewery, where the first keg of Starkbierzeit (strong beer season) is tapped, kicking off 2 weeks of festivities. Less centralised than Oktoberfest, events are held in various breweries, beer halls and restaurants throughout the city, most famously at the Nockherberg Paulaner brewery or Löwenbräukeller. Grab a spot on a bench and order a tall glass, served only by the litre, but beware: this powerful tipple takes no prisoners.

For more information: paulaner-nockherberg.com

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