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The Skinny Dip

Hosted by Eve Kelly

Have you heard of The Skinny Dip? It is an amazing hidden gem of a half-hour documentary program hosted by Eve Kelly. She is cute, outgoing, energetic Canadian girl, and she travels around the world seeking out the world's most out-of-the-way swimming holes. Eve then sets about recruiting reluctant people to go skinny dipping with her. We LOVE it!

Whether by foot, dog sled, bicycle, or camel - up and over snowy mountains, across blistering deserts, or through tropical rain forests - Eve never halts until she reaches her goal: nature's hidden oasis of cool, reviving water.

And she never goes it alone. Eve chats up, charms, and cajoles a band of strangers to come together, take a wilderness journey, and bask in an unforgettable immersion as their relished reward. Skinny Dipping!

The Skinny Dip is such a great show and concept. We at Goodies can't understand why the show only aired for one season, eight episodes... all the way back in 2008. Why do the best shows air for only one season!? (See 'Freaks and Geeks')

If you love to naturism, travel, and skinning dipping you'll love watching Eve and her new friends as they explore the coolest swimming holes in Newfoundland, Brazil, the Yukon, Costa Rica, Australia, Bahamas, British Columbia, and New Zealand.

The Skinny Dip show is available on Amazon Prime.

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