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Our Favorite Band - F!RES

We LOVE this band... and you will too! (buy the record!)

FIRES new album "High Tide" is out now and it absolutely kicks ass.

The album has been sitting on our turntable for the last couple of weeks and hasn't been removed - which is a rarity let me tell you. (buy the record!)

FIRES was a featured featured "ARTIST WE LOVE" in Issue 8 and below is an excerpt from that article:

"FIRES consider themselves a live rock band. They live to play live. As the city and scene they loved was changing around them, FIRES remained dedicated to the sound that Seattle became famous for in the ’90s"...

Asked to describe the overarching sound of the band, bassist Dave Place calls it 'Power Lounge.' He explains, "FIRES are at once the heaviest thing you’ve ever heard and in the next moment laid back and groovy as hell." (buy the record!)

High Tide was recorded at Seattle’s legendary Studio Litho (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mastodon, Deftones).

(buy the record!)

You can reach and follow FIRES on their IG here:

Yes, the blatant homage to Boston's debut album was intentional.

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