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More Mainstream Naturism!

Goodies applauds awesome shoe company Camper for a new pictorial story in their "The Walking Society" brand magazine. The story was shot on Avlaki beach on tiny little bay on

the island of Hydra, Greece. By featuring naturism, and all-natural models (with hairy armpits!), the company is helping to promote the lifestyle Goodies and our readers are so passionate about.

Greece has always been a destination for people seeking naturist freedom and is one of the reasons Goodies spends so much time there. The country has some of the world’s best beaches for a swim, whether you are a naturist or not.

Greece is known for its clothing-optional bathing areas, although almost all of them are not official nude beaches. The natural beauty that usually surrounds the beaches of the Greek islands often encourages people who’ve never done it before to take it all off and feel closer to nature.

One of our favorite nude beaches in Greece is on the island of Antiparos. The Caribbean-like waters by the camping site of the island is an official nude beach. It's been this way since the 1970s, so if you choose this beach, make sure you’re not going with someone who isn’t willing to be nude and natural. Long-time nudists who found this beach and kept it as one of their havens resent it being “invaded” by “textiles.”

Founded in Mallorca in 1975, Lorenzo Fluxa created Camper to respond to the demand for a new and fresh style of footwear. With a rich heritage in shoemaking, a unique brand was created full of diversity and contrast which is now admired the world over.

Camper's shoes are still designed and developed in Inca, in the rural heart of Mallorca. Here a young creative team work alongside artisans to create approximately 500 models each season.

Now in its fourth generation, the brand's footprint has stretched around the globe with stores in more than 40 countries.

You can buy Camper shoes here:

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