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List of naturist films

We visit Naturism Girl's site often as her blog posts, stories and articles are not only very informative, but it's wonderful to see such a committed and passionate naturist girl! Visit her website here:

Nudism and naturism are ways of living for centuries. It would be odd if there are not any films covering nudism and nudist lifestyle. There are plenty of them: documentary, drama, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, crime, romance… short ones, long ones…you name it.

Some of them offer a great look into a nudist lifestyle, others…well they don´t. Hopefully, there will be new films showing all the beauty of naturist & nudist lifestyle nowadays and helping people to understand this lifestyle.

Until then, I have made a first part of the “list of films covering nudism”.

Hope you will put them on your watching list and let me know which one do you like the most.

See Naturism Girl's list here:

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