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Leola Talks Tantra

Goodies Issue 11 features the second amazing article by Goddess Leola. Her article "7 Steps to Create a Tantra Date Night" is available in recently-released Issue 11, and you can buy it now in the Goodies store. Her advice and information is in-depth, detailed, and super helpful.

Some bite-sized treats from Leola's article follow below:

"Prioritizing presence and pleasure is all it takes to take your relationship to the next level. Establishing a weekly tantra date night creates space for deep connection and growth. This ritual can be done with a partner, but is equally effective in nurturing your relationship with yourself when invoking as a self-care practice..."

"Tantra emphasizes the importance of intention, so a couple or individual may ask themselves at any point in the ritual, “How can we use this time to go deeper into our intention?...”

"Plan a day and time in advance to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare yourself to be met in ritual. Take a hot shower and slip into something which resonates with your highest self. Light candles, set out your favorite toys, and make a plate for fruit and chocolate..."

"Warm up the body with light yoga or dance and let go of any lingering dense or stressful energy..."

"Partners take turns in the giving and receiving role, allowing at least 20 minutes for each rotation. This creates safety, ease, and relaxation for the body..."

"If it feels aligned with your intention and the moment, move forward by taking turns to speak into your sexual desires. Allow each partner to voice the stimulation they desire to give and receive..."

You can buy Goodies Issue 11 here:

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