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It's the GIVING time of Year!

What do you give the Goodies man who already has every issue of Goodies magazine?!

That's an easy answer. You give him a membership at BESPOKE POST. Cool, well-designed, quality stuff that every Goodies man can use.

Stop... don't go to the mall. Don't search through your junk mail for that In Flight magazine you tossed away without opening. Don't ask gift advice from your friends. Go to BESPOKE POST.

Ho Ho Ho! You'll thank us for saving you from shopping hell.

HOW IT WORKS: You tell Bespoke Post about yourself. What kind of products are you interested in? You fill out a simple quiz and they'll be able to better choose boxes you'll love.

Your membership allows them to place large orders with small makers. Their business grows, and Bespoke Post matches you to products that fit your interests.

Each month, they'll send you an email describing exactly what's in your box. Don't want it? You can always skip the month or swap into another box. Only pay for what ships!

Enjoy. Each month, they'll introduce new options and improve their selections for you based

on your feedback.

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