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Celebrate Naked Hiking Day

June 21st marks an unofficial holiday: National Hike Naked Day

But you don’t have to wait for summer solstice to enjoy baring it all in the woods.

What can members do?

Nude hiking’s nothing new: Europeans have been slaying the game for years, and folks like backpacking OG Colin Fletcher enjoyed the perks of “free hiking” more than 50 years ago.

“I still walked naked, in space and solitude,” wrote Colin Fletcher in The Man Who Walked Through Time, his account of backpacking the Grand Canyon back in the 1960s. “The sun still beat down, hotter every day.”

Today, the popularity of thru-hiking on routes like the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail have made nude hiking something of a backcountry past-time, and one look at Instagram’s naked hiking hashtags prove the hobby is alive and well.

The spirit of naked hiking is easy to grasp: losing a layer of clothing in such a natural setting feels instinctual and liberating.


Know the Land: “It’s not illegal to be naked in public in many jurisdictions if your intent is simply to be unclothed rather than to incite or satisfy sexual arousal,” says Wendy Bumgardner at Verywell Fit. “If you are hiking on U.S. federal lands such as a National Forest or Bureau of Land Management area, there is no federal law against nudity, but state and local law may take precedence.”

The thing to know here is: be smart.

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