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Goodies Girl Q&A: Lia!

Goodies is so honored to have the opportunity to photograph and feature Lia in Issue 11. After the shoot, head Goodies photographer Alen sat down with model Lia to share a coffee and have a relaxing chat. Below are some Q&A excerpts from their conversation...

Hi Lia! It was just amazing working with you. Tell me, what part of the US did you grow up in?

Hi Alen. Thanks so much for the fun shoot. It was truly incredible to shoot with a female photographer and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm originally from the Midwest, and I bounced between Chicago and Milwaukee.

A - I'm so glad you are passionate about nude modeling. How did you get into it?

L - When I became of age I developed a deeper relationship with my body. I remember my first nude shoot ever. I was 19 years old and it was a winter day in Wisconsin. I traveled to a state park with a photographer and shot nude in -20 degree weather. It was certainly memorable!

A - You have such strong self-confidence in your body and nudity. How did you become so

comfortable and confident with nudity? L - Thank you for that compliment! Like I mentioned, I have developed a certain relationship with my body over years and years. Growing up I was taught privacy but also not to sexualize body parts. To me it’s just a unique way of expressing art and attitude. A - What was your first memory of “art and beauty”?

L - My first memory of art and beauty was my great aunt taking me to the Milwaukee art museum.

A - Oh, that's great! It must have been a wonderful experience. So, when do you feel your best?

L - It was Alen. It's one of the reasons I love museums today! You know, I honestly feel my best when I’m with my puppy Vida or spending time with my partner or family. A - (Laughing) Of course! Nobody feels bad around a puppy, right! What is your favorite way to unwind?

L - Oh, that's easy! To unwind after a long day I enjoy food. I’m very blessed as my partner is a professional chef and truly spoils me. A - A partner that is a professional chef? You are truly blessed! I know you love art and music Lia. What songs are on high rotation for you at the moment?

L - Yes, I really love art and especially music. Some songs that are on high rotation for me are United In Grief by Kendrick Lamar, and Music For A Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles.

A - As you know, the Goodies team travels a lot and we have collaborators around the world. What is your favorite travel destination, and why? Any recommendations?

L - Of all the places I could travel to, my favorite destination is going home to Chicago or anywhere with a beach and sunshine involved. A - You are such a gorgeous and natural naked beauty, but do you have a most treasured item of clothing or jewelry?

L - That's another easy one Alen! My most treasured item of jewelry is my antique ankle bracelet my partner gifted me. I wear it almost everyday.

A - I know Goodies keeps calling you a 'natural beauty', but what does ‘beauty’ mean to you?

L - I too love natural beauty, and beauty to me comes from the inside. Beauty is the simple things: a smile, a genuine laugh... True beauty can come in many shapes and forms.

A - Agreed Lia. Agreed! So, looking ahead, what are you most excited for in the next year 2023?

L - I’m most excited for adventure in 2023. I hope to travel more, book more shoots, and overall continue on my path to wellness and happiness. A - That's a great outlook Lia. Oh, before we wrap up and get kicked out of the studio, have you seen a great movie recently? Can you recommend?

L - To tell you the truth, I’m not much of a movie person but I could recommend some great music to check out. There’s an artist out of Chicago that not only uplifts me but transports me to Chicago every time I listen to her music, KAINA. Her song 'La Luna' is everything. Also the Chicago music artist Noname, her song Self. Check them out, they won’t disappoint!

A - Thank you for the great shoot Lia. We love that you are in Issue 11 and we look forward to more shoots with you! L - Thank you Alen and to the entire Goodies team. I'm ready to shoot whenever you want me! Click the buy link below to purchase Issue 11 featuring Lia

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