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Films We Love: LATE SPRING (2014)

Directed by: Geun-hyun Cho

Starring: Yoo-Young Lee, Yong-woo Park and Kim Seo-hyeong

Released: February 2, 2014

In the 1960's in post war Korea, the government decides to dispatch troops to Vietnam in an attempt to rebuild the country's devastated economy. Joo Goo, a genius sculptor and renowned figure in the art scene of the day, is diagnosed with a progressive disorder that eventually leads to total paralysis of the body.

In despair, he abandons work and loses the meaning of life. His wife, Jung Sook, who could not watch her husband perish day after day, goes on a search of a nude model to encourage him to go back to work.

Then one day, she comes across Min Gyung, a young mother with two children who suffered loss in the war.

Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted, Late Spring was the winner of 5 International Film Awards including Best New Actress; Best Actress; and Best Cinematography.

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