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"DAYUM! A magazine for $65?!"

We at Goodies understand and respect every person who questions "how and why" a magazine would cost $65. We don't shy away, or ignore this question from our potential buyers. Instead, we answer it openly and honestly with as much clarity as possible.

In reality, a collectible, high-quality, 160+ page, full-color print fine art erotic nude photography+lifestyle magazine that retails for $65 is not "unbelievably expensive" when considering the current cost of products out there on the market. ($5 per gallon anyone?)

Below is an inquiry/question we received recently via the Goodies website that we wanted to share:

Goodies Message Details:

Name Jerry

Message 65$ for one magazine? Do I get a flight to Vegas with that, or the cover girl's number? What is it about the publication that commands a price point of that nature, please?

goodies publications wrote:

Hi Jerry. We feel our pricing point is correct, and we appreciate you asking about the price (it's ok!). Unfortunately, no... a flight to Vegas or the model's number isn't included. The models we feature, the exclusive content (not found anywhere else), the photography and original stories definitely sets us apart from any other printed magazine.

Jerry wrote:

Thank you for your prompt reply. I've never run across a magazine as expensive as this in all my years. Typically, the 65$ would get me 2 or 3 years of a subscription. Appreciate your attentiveness and customer service, nevertheless.

From: goodies publications <> Date: Tue, Sept 6, 2022 at 9:08 AM Subject: Re: New message via your website

Hi Jerry. You make a valid point when it comes to "subscription". Our market is a bit different. We print a maximum run of 2,000 collectable copies, so our cost/print point is much higher than if we were printing, say, 200,000 copies and sending to stockists, newsstands, etc. Additionally, we print twice a year - and we are self-published (no advertisements in the issue, etc.) If we look at the price of other nude art magazines we'll see we are priced exactly in the market (in fact, often we are priced lower).


GOODIES MAGAZINE was founded in 2016. It is a photography+erotic nude+naturist+lifestyle magazine catering to the art connoisseur. Each issue is a collector’s edition and includes images seen only in Goodies Magazine. The magazine showcases and promotes an organic and eclectic mix of stunning nude erotic photography; unique stories and features beautiful, 100% all-natural models and people from around the world who enjoy living the Goodies lifestyle: Be nude, live free, smile and have fun.

Each issue is full-color printed on premium high-quality paper. The magazine is independently published - for Adults Only - and will entertain, inspire, and captivate you. All Goodies issues are limited to 2,000 copies.

Goodies Issue 11 features 11 stunning models: Zöe, Alaina, Sofi Ka, Terry Z, Lia, Ania, Zoe Aguilar, Zanda Lee, Lea Cassady, Leola, Soukey and Takha on 11 different covers.

It's the closest thing to paradise.

Buy your copy of Goodies Issue 11 here and reach inside to discover the Goodies that await you.

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