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9 Hot Springs In New Mexico You'll Want To Visit

If you want to unwind and forget about your problems, head to one of New Mexico’s hot springs. Whether you pick a developed resort or a pool in the middle of nowhere, you’re sure to leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Here are 12 of the best hot springs in New Mexico where you’ll enjoy a soak.

1. Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences

This resort offers spectacular views of both the Rio Grande and the mountains from its outdoor pools. Riverbend is a great option for anyone who wants to be immersed in nature, without roughing it. Both private and communal pools are available. Visit the Riverbend Hot Springs website for more information.

2. Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa, Truth or Consequences

The Sierra Grande Lodge has been helping people chill out since 1929. It's actually on the National Register of Historic Places. If you're a hotel guest, you can fill your in-room tub with mineral water. Private tubs like this one are also available. You can learn more at the Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa webpage.

3. San Antonio Hot Springs, near Los Alamos

Reaching this hot springs in the Santa Fe National Forest requires a jaunt along a pretty rough road - you need a four-wheel drive vehicle. Otherwise you can get there by hiking roughly 5 miles. The San Antonio hot springs are rustic and undeveloped. The setting is certainly stunning enough to merit the effort. Here is a webpage about the San Antonio Hot Springs trail with more information.

4. Middle Fork (Lightfeather) Hot Springs, near Gila Hot Springs

Only try this half-mile hike if you're willing to get your feet wet. You need to cross the river multiple times. The water temperature is usually pleasant once the springs and river water combine. Head for the rock-lined pools by the river's edge. (Don't attempt to visit after heavy rain.) Visit the Gila Hot Springs website for more information on visiting this area.

5. Montezuma Hot Springs, near Las Vegas

These hot springs are both free and convenient. As a result they're often busy and sometimes a little rowdy. They're located right off the road, opposite Montezuma Castle. Here is the Montezuma Hot Springs webpage if you'd like to find out more about this spot.

6. Ten Thousand Waves Spa, Santa Fe

Ten Thousand Waves is modeled after a Japanese-style spa. Public and private pools offer a serene soaking experience. It's worth noting that, while the water is highly mineralized, its source is a 900-foot deep well rather than a traditional spring. Still, this is one of the best soaking experiences you'll ever have, so definitely add this one to your bucket list. Visit the Ten Thousand Waves website to learn more.

7. Faywood Hot Springs, between Silver City and Deming

These pools are developed but they retain a primitive feel. There are both public and private soaking areas. Here is the Faywood Hot Springs website.

8. Spence Hot Springs, near Jemez Springs

Spence is undeveloped save for the formation of rock pools. It’s in a pretty location that feels further than the quarter-mile it is from the highway. Bear in mind that Spence does have a bit of a reputation as a party spot. Be sure to check the Spence Hot Springs webpage before visiting to be sure it is open.

9. Jemez Hot Springs, Jemez Springs

The water at this resort, formerly known as Giggle Springs, comes from ancient, mineral-rich seawater that got trapped inland. Temperatures at Jemez Hot Springs range from 102 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. With the background sounds of the Jemez River gushing by, it’s easy to kick back in one of the floating chairs and forget about the world for a while. Here is the Jemez Hot Springs website to learn more.

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