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8 Day Naturist Ashtanga Yoga Retreat!

Heliopolis, l'île du Levant, France - June 5-12, 2022

This incredible naturist Ashtanga yoga retreat by the sea is taking place in Heliopolis on the Ile du Levant in the south of France. with Claudio. The naturist yoga course is hosted by Claudio, and is somewhat out of the ordinary because it will suggest that you come back to yourself, get out of your comfort zone and take stock of what lives in your body: energies, emotions, blockages, desires… in order to allow you to explore, to let yourself be surprised by your own treasures!


  • Workshops

  • Yoga Ashtanga

  • Yoga practice in the nude

  • 7 breakfasts and 3 dinners

  • 7 nights accommodation

  • All yoga levels welcome

You will practice Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga every day. This naturist course, led by Claudio, will lead you to live an experience as they would have liked to live it: introspective, astonishing, lively and spiritual. This practice of naturist yoga is a philosophy of life in its own right, like naturism which could be defined as "a way of living in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of common nudity".

Practicing yoga in the nude allows you to reconnect with yourself, to feel liberated, fulfilled and well without your skin, with your original outfit specific to human nature.

Claudio has a career as a dancer and choreographer in Europe (Italy, England, France, Sweden, and other countries). In 2011 he obtained the diploma for the teaching of Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga and in the same year he founded a naturist course of Yoga in Paris in which the ethics and values ​​of naturism meet the values ​​of yoga philosophy.

Go here to register and for more information:

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