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Welcome to Issue 12!

The hard reality in publishing is that most magazines don't ever see a twelfth issue (especially self-publishing. Goodies Magazine is 100% self-published), so we are very proud and honored to put Issue 12 into your hands.

Goodies head photographer Alen, and our amazing team of beautiful all-natural models, artists, writers, and guest photographers have created a collectable issue for your enjoyment. It's due to the fiery passion of everyone working on Goodies that we try to bring you the best in nude erotic photography, travel, design, and the naturist lifestyle. It's easy to enjoy Goodies and our stunning nude photography, great articles and informative columns - just buy a copy! You deserve it. Be yourself, be different, be anything you want to be. That's the Goodies lifestyle. Be nude, live free, smile, and have fun.

And enjoy Issue 12!

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