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Issue 6. The “intense” issue!... We travelled across the world to put together the hottest issue ever. Pure all natural beauty!

From Paris to Milan to the US and beautiful Kiev we had the most Goodies fun. At the end we made the wise decision to stop in Croatia to put this issue together so our days were filled with long walks by the Adriatic Sea and long wide-awake nights filled with delicious coffee and creative passion. The results are the most amazing.

In this issue our head photographer had the unique opportunity to shoot beautiful art model Nys in Paris after taking a drawing class where the model offered her talents. Nys is now one of our favorite Goodies Girls!  We also showcase the amazing work of talented  artist Mark Raven and we found the cutest red head you will ever seen and gave her some toys.  Oh it’s pure delight!

Get your hands on it... or you are sure to regret it!

6P2A3092-Exposure 1.jpg
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