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What an Issue!!  This time our photographer headed to Brazil to enjoy the most beautiful naturist beaches and shoot the hottest brunettes on the planet.

Mission accomplished but it took a little while since she kept writing to us and asking for another weekend in Brazil and we were about to miss our deadline... Finally she returned to her senses and took a flight back to Europe to meet at Goodies HQ and deliver the work in time.  Phew!

Just look at the cover... a one-of-kind all-natural beauty, popstar Mila and her perfect breasts. It’s OK to be in awe.  We are too!  Buy Issue 5 and take a trip with us to white fine sandy beaches and a warm breeze in the afternoon after hydrating and rejuvenating your senses with cold coconut water and the most amazing views.  Goodies Issue 5 is pure delight and sun kissed beauties.  Does it feel like the perfect dream?  Don't worry, we won't wake you up!

NUDE TIGHTS FINAL  (9)-24 1.jpg
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