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We call Goodies Issue 4 the "international issue”. After many flights, buses and trains we finally wrapped this one-of-a-kind multilingual super erotic issue! 

Dobry Den, danke, mercy, spasiva to the stunning all-natural beauties in Issue 4.  We can’t thank our Goodies Girls enough for making this issue one of the hottest and most authentic issues we've ever published. We feature artist Anita Sari and her shibari drawings that will never leave your mind.  So many thanks to nude yogini Somya for sharing her fantastic body and a peaceful meditative practice. This issue made us actually rethink our priorities in every issue. All-natural lifestyle, authentic art and organic beauty. As a special “goodie”, you'll read a sexy article about erotic massage with an expert from California.

Is that international enough for you?  We are still feeling jet-lagged but so happy to bring this issue to you!   Namaste for you all!

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