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They say the "third time is a charm", and we certainly feel that expression applies to Goodies Issue 3!  

Issue 3 features charming Hannah on the cover and the type of charm and beauty our readers expect... from cover to cover. Once again, the Goodies team embarked on a globetrotting adventure to shoot some of the most gorgeous 100% all-natural girls this planet has to offer.

Goodies is about fun. Enjoying life. Smiling. Being nude. What could be better? We have an idea: holding a copy of Issue 3 in your hands! The issue not only features interesting stories to read, but it is truly a collectable gallery of beautiful artistic studies of models photographed by renown photographer Alen Wood.  

Much time, effort, technical skill and dedication went into the creation of Issue 3 and the result is a unique work that we are proud to share with you!

issue 3 sm sz.jpg
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