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Naturism... outdoors... health... yoga... beauty...

These are words that resonate with everyone here at Goodies and everyone that lives and embraces the Goodies lifestyle: Be nude; Live free; Smile; and Have Fun. With these keywords and thoughts in mind, It is such a pleasure to share this new issue with you: Goodie Issue 2!

This issue has been made possible in part through the splendid support which our readers are giving the magazine and of course through the ongoing interest, passion and dedication of our stunning, 100% all-natural Goodies Girls models.

Without their joy and enthusiasm there quite simply would be no Goodies. What a horrible thought!  So hats off to every Goodies Girl who has graced the pages of this illustrious magazine and a great big cheer as we are nothing without you!

Buy Issue 2. We only live once... and you deserve it.

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