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First off, thank you for the overwhelmingly positive 

response to Issue 10!  That issue sold out faster than any previous issue before it, and this is due to all you Goodies readers. You are a lovely bunch who time and again prove your devotion to living the Goodies lifestyle.  With that said, ...Welcome to Issue 11!

If you are new and this is your first purchase, we thank you and welcome you. For those valuable return buyers, we thank you more than ever as we can not do it without you. Goodies magazine is a fresh way of showcasing the essence of what naturism and erotic art is all about. This new issue will let your spirit soar as you experience a world of beauty, harmony and serenity. The entire Goodies team has witnessed great progress in the public acceptance of nude erotic fine art, naturism, and nude recreation.  This progress has been made as a direct result of efforts by naturist enthusiasts, nude art connoisseurs, incredible models, and dedicated artists. To showcase the work of these dedicated individuals is pure joy. That passion and commitment will certainly continue in Goodies. 

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