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Goodies Girl

A Goodies Girl is many things. Not just one thing. Not just a nude model - posing for a photograph. It's nearly impossible to describe the Goodies Girl "profile" without owning every issue of the magazine. Goodies Girls are 100% natural; genuine; happy; healthy; uninhibited; sexy; and love living life nude. Goodies Girls love the process of being photographed nude. Goodies is a lifestyle - a feeling - a mood - and a philosophy. Goodies Girls cover a wide spectrum of beauty... there is not "one specific look" that Goodies readers love. Our readers love all types! And we are honored and enthusiastic about delivering all types in every issue we publish.

There is, however, an important physical characteristic that connects all Goodies Girls, communicates the magazine's artistic aesthetic, and has been the Goodies signature since the magazine was first published in 2016: All Goodies Girls are 100% "natural." Natural pubic hair, natural breasts with minimal tattoos. Goodies does not feature models with breast enhancement. There are hundreds of magazines available that cater to models with augmented breasts. Additionally, Goodies is not looking for "hairy" models. Rather, we look for real, natural models that look like they may have stepped right out of the vintage 1970's. 

Goodies is a lifestyle, pure and simple. It's naturism; architecture; camping; travel; rock climbing; cool design; nude yoga; film; art; hot springs; hiking; and above all Goodies is real people who are truly committed to living the Goodies lifestyle: Be Nude; Live Free; Smile and Have Fun.

This reference moodboard is intended to provide images that convey an overall "feel" and "vibe" that defines the classic Goodies Girl. In no way does Goodies Publications claim ownership or credit for these images (other than those produced and created by Goodies)


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